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Be a WI Rare Disease Ally Individual or Organization!

As an Ally you pledge to…

  • Believe in raising awareness for rare diseases in Wisconsin
  • Strive to improve the diagnosis, care and treatment for rare diseases
  • Advocate for improved processes, systems and policies for rare diseases in the state
  • Believe in a Vision of the best quality of life possible for every Wisconsin rare disease loved one

Our Allies come from patients, families, friends, clinical caregivers, researchers, employers, educators, and other stakeholders. Ready to get involved?

Our 2024 Allies

We Thank You for Being a Friend of Rare!

We would like to recognize the individuals and organizations who have allied with us to raise awareness for rare diseases in Wisconsin. Together we will strive to make a positive impact on those in Wisconsin living with a rare disease.

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Individual Allies

  • Kimberly Haugstad
  • Kaitlyn Jigalin
  • Sarah Phelan

Organizational Allies

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Help Us Share About Wisconsin Rare Disease Alliance!

Now that you are an Ally for WI Rare, we encourage you to reach out to your networks and share our message!

  • Point your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances to our website to join Wisconsin Rare Disease Alliance.
  • Like us on our social media platforms and encourage others to Like us as well to stay informed of our current events and advocacy actions.
  • Print and share our rare disease advocacy resources below.

WI Rare Disease Alliance Awareness Trifold
WI Rare Disease Alliance Rare Disease Handout
WI Rare Disease Awareness Day Flyer